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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a unique and comprehensive theoretical healing system.  Developed along with Chinese culture and philosophy over the past 5000 years, TCM is an ancient tradition with its own forms of diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and therapies.  TCM diagnosis is to make a general judgment about TCM disease and syndrome (Zheng) as well as statute of health based on the information collected by TCM diagnostic techniques.  Based on the diagnosis, a treatment strategy will be made, which is not only to treat the illness, but also regulate the balance of the whole body.  The common used TCM treatments include herbology, acupuncture, Tuina, diet therapy, Qigong, etc.

Herbology treatment: One of the most sophisticated systems of herbology, TCM doesnít simply rely on combining herbs with piled up herbs with similar functions. Nor does it simply treat the head when the head hurts or only the foot when the foot hurts.  Based on the careful differentiation of syndromes (Zheng), TCM matches herbs to an individualís needs and synergistically combines them in order to treat and prevent disease. TCM aims at treating the symptoms as well as the root cause behind the illness.

Acupuncture: With over 5000 years practice, acupuncture can be used not only to treat pain and specific maladies but also as preventive measure and to promote general health.  The World Health Organization, for example, cites forty- three diseases that are treatable by acupuncture.

Tuina (Chinese Massage): Tuina uses a variety of Chinese massage techniques to regulate Qi and blood circulations, and improve organ functions, which is an effective, relaxing and harmless treatment therapy.

Diet therapy: Chinese diet therapy is not a simply combination of herbs and foods.  Based on a TCM diagnosis of the individual health condition, the diet is made with the functions of TCM herbology and the delicious taste of Chinese food to prevent and treat diseases or promote health. 

Qi Gong: A combination of meditation and gentle exercise, Qi Gong can play an important role in health maintenance and rehabilitation.